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ഫലകം:Infobox band

വിക്കിപീഡിയ, ഒരു സ്വതന്ത്ര വിജ്ഞാനകോശം.

Usage summary:

{{Infobox Band
| band_name        = 
| background-color =
| image            = 
| caption          = 
| origin           = 
| country          = 
| years_active     = 
| actual_status    = 
| music_genre      =
| record_label     = 
| us_distribution  = 
| current_members  = 
| past_members     = 
| website          = 


Type Description
band_name Name of the group ("the act").
image An image of the act, sufficiently clear for display at 200 pixels' width.
caption Caption for the image above.
origin groups The city from which the group originated.
country groups The country from which the group originated.
years_active Period in years during which the act was or has been active.
actual_status Current status.
music_genre The genre or genres of music performed by the act. Aim for generality (e.g. Hip hop rather than East Coast hip hop).
record_label The record label or labels to which the act has been signed, as a comma-separated list. Omit parenthetical dates; save that information for the main article. Drop the word "Records" from the end of any label's name (e.g. use [[Arista Records|Arista]] rather than [[Arista Records]].)
current_members groups Current members of the group, listed in order with no other notation than names.
past_members groups Past members of the group, listed in order with no other notation than names. If a group is inactive, all members should be listed here, and none in the "current members" field.
website The (NB singular) web address for the act's official website.


  • Never link years, unless accompanied by dates.
  • Most fields are optional and the row will simply be omitted if no data is supplied.
  • Please see the WikiProject Musicians project page for more information about this template.
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