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ഫലകം:Vgrelease new

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For dates from January 1, 1970 onward only!

This template is an enhanced version of {{vgrelease}}. The differences are:

  1. You can specify any region.
  2. Regions and dates appear in the order in which you input them.
  3. This template links to the "XXXX in video gaming" articles instead of the normal "XXXX" year ones.
  4. Dates' appearance change to a certain degree depending on a user's date and time preferences.
  5. This template specially handles the date substitutions, TBA and TBD.
  6. The output will not break onto a new line.
  7. This template lacks the option to substitute a region code with an arbitrary string of text.

Note: this template is not backwards compatible with {{vgrelease}}.

Possible future improvements include automatically sorting dates chronologically.

This template at one time was capable of auto-collapsing identical dates and automatically placing games in "YYYY video games in REGION" categories. These features were removed. See this revision for the old code.


Parameters are input as region code/date pairs, and are displayed in the order they are given. Any of the standard JP, NA, EU, AU, INT and PAL video game-specific codes will work, as well as all ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 codes and a smaller number of selected ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 codes. Note that WP:VG/DATE asserts several guidelines/rules concerning where and when (and which) abbreviations may be used in video game infoboxes, specifically:

"Release dates should be provided from primarily English-speaking regions, including North America, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand. If the video game is first released in a non-English country, commonly in Japan, then that should also be stated ... Releases in non-English countries should not be included in the infobox (unless it is first released in a non-English country), but if determined to be necessary to include, can be discussed further in the article's body."

Dates may be entered either in the form of a year by itself, or as any full date supported by the #time: parser function. By default, the template outputs dates in "verbose" mode with the exact display appearance depending on the user's date and time preferences. If a user has no preferences set (such as is the case with an unregistered user), then the "MONTHNAME D, YYYY" format is used. By setting the optional v parameter to equal zero, the template will output dates in "YYYY-MM-DD" format instead. Setting the v parameter to equal 2 forces the "D MONTHNAME YYYY" format. However, note that the v parameter has no effect if the date given consists only of a year. When inputting a month and year instead of only a year or full date, the template will result in an error if the input isn't in the "MONTHNAME YYYY" format (e.g., July 2001).

If you need to enter something other than a date, such as a message indicating the game is still in development or was cancelled, you may do so; any text inputted will be returned as entered and without changes. The exception is when you enter the strings "TBA" or "TBD". In these cases, the template links to the Wiktionary article, TBD.

By default this template places articles into "<YEAR> video game releases in <REGION>" categories. This can be disabled by adding the optional a parameter and setting it to equal something other than 1.

This template works only with dates from January 1, 1970 onward.


Code (v=0) Output
{{vgrelease new|v=0|NA|1989-03-12|EU|August 16, 2008}} NA 198903121989-03-12
EU 200808162008-08-16
{{vgrelease new|v=0|NA|1989-03-12|EU|12 March 1989}} NA 198903121989-03-12
EU 198903121989-03-12
{{vgrelease new|v=0|NA|1989|EU|March 1989} NA 1989
EU 1989031989-03
Code (v=1, default) Output
{{vgrelease new|v=1|NA|1989-03-12|EU|August 16, 2008}} NA 19890312മാർച്ച് 12, 1989
EU 20080816ഓഗസ്റ്റ് 16, 2008
{{vgrelease new|v=1|NA|1989-03-12|EU|12 March 1989}} NA 19890312മാർച്ച് 12, 1989
EU 19890312മാർച്ച് 12, 1989
{{vgrelease new|v=1|NA|1989|EU|March 1989}} NA 1989
EU 198903മാർച്ച് 1989
{{vgrelease new|v=1|NA|Cancelled|JP|TBD|EU|TBA|AU|TBA}} NA Cancelled
Code (v=2) Output
{{vgrelease new|v=2|NA|1989-03-12|EU|August 16, 2008}} NA 1989031212 മാർച്ച് 1989
EU 2008081616 ഓഗസ്റ്റ് 2008
{{vgrelease new|v=2|NA|1989-03-12|EU|12 March 1989}} NA 1989031212 മാർച്ച് 1989
EU 1989031212 മാർച്ച് 1989
{{vgrelease new|v=2|NA|1989|EU|March 1989} NA 1989
EU 198903മാർച്ച് 1989

See also[തിരുത്തുക]

  • {{vgrelease}} – the standard template for video game release dates.
  • {{vgrtbl}} – just like this template, except formatted so that dates sort properly in sortable tables.
  • {{vgrabbrv}} – used internally by this template.
  • {{vgrsort1}} – used internally by this template.
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