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ഫലകം:Infobox UK legislation

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This infobox takes a number of parameters:

{{Infobox UK legislation
|short_title          =
|parliament           =
|long_title           =
|year                 =
|statute_book_chapter =
|introduced_by        =
|territorial_extent   =
|royal_assent         =
|commencement         =
|repeal_date          =
|amendments           =
|related_legislation  =
|status               =
|original_text        =
|legislation_history  =
|use_new_UK-LEG       =
|revised_text         =
short title
the short title of the legislation, displayed at the top of the infobox. Should preferably be the same as the article title.
the name of the parliament which made the legislation. This will be linked. This parameter will also affect which coat of arms is displayed.
long title
the long title of the legislation (some are extremely long and thus clutter up the infobox).
the (calendar) year of the legislation — along with parliament, this parameter affects the coat of arms to be displayed.
statute book chapter
the chapter within the statute book where the legislation is to be found. Where this is before 1963, it must use the regnal year, not the calendar year (explanation)
introduced by
who first introduced the legislation into parliament. This could be a link to an individual politician, or a political party if you do not know the individual. One could also mention whether it was a government-supported bill or a private member's bill.
territorial extent
the parts of the United Kingdom to which the act extends.
royal assent
the date the legislation received Royal Assent (only applicable in Commonwealth countries, other users may wish to copy and modify the template).
the date(s) at which the legislation was brought into force (but note that for acts with more than three or four commencement dates this is inappropriate to use).
internal links to amending or repealing legislation, or even a list of years in which the legislation has been modified (note that for acts with a great deal of amending or repealing legislation only the most significant pieces of legislation should be listed).
related legislation
this can be one of five values, "Current" (for legislation still in force), "Amended" (for legislation which has been modified by separate legislation), "Repealed" (for legislation which has been repealed, or is no longer in force), "Not_yet_in_force" (for legislation which has not been commenced yet), or "Not_fully_in_force" (for legislation which has been partially commenced); this defaults to Unknown if no value is entered.
original text
link to the text of the legislation as originally enacted.
legislation history
link to information about the passage of the legislation through the legislature.
use new UK-LEG
"yes" to use new {{UK-LEG}} template to automatically produce a URI for the legislation.gov.uk service
revised text
link to a revised text of the legislation as amended.

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