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ഫലകം:Infobox Manchester Metrolink station

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Local authority{{{borough}}}
Fare zone information
Metrolink Zone{{{Metrolink Zone}}}
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{{Infobox Manchester Metrolink station}} is used to create an infobox embedded into articles about stations on the Manchester Metrolink network.


To insert the box into an article, simply copy and paste this code:

{{Infobox Manchester Metrolink station
| name           = 
| image_name     = 
| imagesize      = 
| image_alt      = 
| caption        = 
| map_type       = 
| label_position = 
| locale         = 
| borough        = 
| coordinates    = <!-- {{coord}} -->
| gridref        = 
| Metrolink Zone = 
| Metrolink line = <!-- number - see documentation -->
| status         = <!-- number - see documentation -->
| platforms      = 
| original       = 
| pregroup       = 
| postgroup      = 
| open           = 
| closed         = 
| metrolinksince = 
| renamed        = 
| closed_mml     = 
| formername     = 
| map_state      = 


The parameters available are as follows; most are optional apart from those marked in red:

Basic info
name The name of the station
These provide a consistent method of specifying the image. If |imagesize= is omitted, the default is 260px; for vertical format images, set |imagesize=x260px. The |image_alt= parameter is used for alternative image text. E.g.
|image_alt=A railway station with two platforms. There is a train at the left-hand platform
Media related to Manchester Metrolink at Wikimedia Commons
image (deprecated) - Allows the image to be specified using the full image syntax, but for consistency between articles, do not specify type, location, alignment, or caption. E.g.
|image=[[File:Example.jpg|260px|alt=A railway station with two platforms. There is a train at the left-hand platform]]
caption A caption to go below the photo
locale usually the suburb or local area where the station is situated
borough [[City of Manchester]] [[City of Salford]] or one of the metropolitan boroughs of Greater Manchester, e.g. [[Metropolitan Borough of Bury|Bury]]
Generates a map. Default is Greater Manchester. |map_type= should be omitted; it is available for use if larger-scale locator maps are created.
Label position can be altered using |label_position= where needed, valid values are bottom, left, right, top; default is bottom.
When giving coordinates, use the {{coord}} template, and please don't be overly precise.
The |format= parameter within {{coord}} may be used to convert coordinates in degree/minute/second format into decimal degrees. Region codes within {{coord}} should comply with ISO 3166-2:GB, e.g. use region:GB-BUR for the Metropolitan Borough of Bury; the default region is GB.
gridref OS grid reference
Metrolink Zone the fare zone where the station is located - A, B, C, D (City Zone), E, F, G, or H
status Current status of the station - enter a numerical value from 1-5 (no text):
  1. Full operation
  2. Under construction
  3. Disused
  4. Proposed
  5. Closed

If you enter "3" for disused, the info about disused stations will also appear in the infobox. 5 (closed) is for purpose-built Metrolink stations that have now closed (only really applies to High Street and Mosley Street)

platforms The number of platforms in use for Metrolink services
Metrolink line The line where the station is located - enter a numerical value 1-9 only, no text:
  1. City Centre
  2. Manchester Airport Line
  3. Altrincham Line
  4. East Mancheseter Line
  5. Bury Line
  6. South Manchester Line
  7. Eccles Line
  8. Oldham and Rochdale Line
  9. Trafford Centre Line

Each number will enable the display of a different line diagram within the template. NB: Numbers not indicative of any official numbering system - just for template convenience

map_state Enter "collapsed" if you want to hide the route diagram at the bottom, otherwise it is visible by default
For former railway stations converted to Metrolink use, these fields can be used to record historical operating companies such as British Rail, allowing this template to be used in place of Infobox UK disused station without losing historical info. This info only appears if you enter 3 (disused) in the status.
original Company running the line when the station first opened
pregroup Company running the line prior to the Grouping Act (1921) (if different to the original company)
postgroup Company running the line after 1921
Additional historical info, mostly useful for converted railway stations
formername The original name of the station, if different to the present-day name
open Date or year the station was first opened.
  • if a former BR station, use the original opening date and use |metrolinksince= for date of conversion to trams
  • if a purpose-built Metrolink station (was never BR) use this for the opening date
  • if this is a future purpose-built station (proposed or under construction) put the estimated opening date
  • if currently a BR station but will convert to trams in the future, use |metrolinksince=
closed The date the former BR station was closed to public use prior to conversion
  • for purpose-built Metrolink stations (i.e. was never BR) leave this blank and use the |closed_mml= parameter instead
metrolinksince Date the station was converted to tram operation
  • if a former BR station, give the date or year it was re-opened as a Metrolink station
  • if a purpose-built Metrolink station (i.e. was never BR) leave this blank and use the |open= parameter instead
  • if currently a BR station but will convert to trams in the future, put the estimated start date for tram operation
renamed The date when the station's name was changed (often the same as conversion from BR to Metrolink)
closed_mml The date the Metrolink station was closed to public use
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