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ഫലകം:Starbox visbin

വിക്കിപീഡിയ, ഒരു സ്വതന്ത്ര വിജ്ഞാനകോശം.
Visual binary orbit

This template is part of a group of templates that are used to display information about a specific star. The list should always have {{Starbox begin}} as the first in the list, while the list should have {{Starbox end}} as the last in the list. The difference between the arguments axis and axis_unitless is that axis assumes the semimajor axis to be in arcseconds and appends the second symbol (″) to it; axis_unitless does not do this, but the user may specify any desired unit inside the argument. Only one of axis and axis_unitless should be used. This particular template can be used as follows:

{{Starbox visbin
| reference = <!--Reference-->
| name = <!--Companion name-->
| period = <!--Period (in years)-->
| axis = <!--Semimajor axis (in arcseconds)-->
| axis_unitless = <!--Semimajor axis (in arbitrary units)-->
| eccentricity = <!--Eccentricity-->
| inclination = <!--Inclination (in degrees)-->
| node = <!--Longitude of node (in degrees)-->
| periastron = <!--Periastron epoch-->
| periarg = <!--Argument of periastron (in degrees)-->

The following templates are used together and are usually placed in the order listed below.

{{Starbox begin}}
{{Starbox image}}
{{Starbox observe}}
{{Starbox observe 2s}}
{{Starbox observe 3s}}
{{Starbox character}}
{{Starbox astrometry}}
{{Starbox orbit}}
{{Starbox detail}}
{{Starbox relpos}}
{{Starbox catalog}}
{{Starbox reference}}
{{Starbox sources}}
{{Starbox end}}

"https://ml.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=ഫലകം:Starbox_visbin&oldid=1726329" എന്ന താളിൽനിന്ന് ശേഖരിച്ചത്