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ഫലകം:Infobox rail accident

വിക്കിപീഡിയ, ഒരു സ്വതന്ത്ര വിജ്ഞാനകോശം.
Title of rail disaster
ദിവസം {{{date}}}
സ്ഥലം {{{location}}}
രാജ്യം {{{country}}}
റയിൽ പാത {{{line}}}
പ്രവർത്തകൻ {{{operator}}}
അപകട രീതി {{{type}}}
തീവണ്ടി(കൾ) {{{trains}}}
മരിച്ചവർ {{{deaths}}}
Route map


[തിരുത്തുക] [പുതുക്കുക] ഫലകത്തിന്റെ വിവരണം


All parameters are necessary with the exception of those marked :

  • boxwidth – width of infobox; default is 290px (the image can push the box wider).

Image section[തിരുത്തുക]

  • image – name of the image file (e.g. Train-disaster-photo.jpg).
  • image_width – width of image; default is 282px.
  • caption – a caption to explain the image, if needed (not to state the obvious).

Details section[തിരുത്തുക]

  • title – name of the rail incident, usually the same as the title of the article
  • date – date of the incident in plain text (e.g. 1 January 1980 or January 1, 1980; depending on local custom)
  • time – time of the incident
  • location – location (suburb) of where the incident occurred, wiki-linked for convenience if necessary (e.g. [[Camp Mountain, Queensland]])
    Location placement[തിരുത്തുക]

    The following should all be used together, however location-dist (or location-dist-mi) is the element to cause this to work/appear:

    • location-dist – direct distance (not rail distance) from capital city as a plain number, limited to two decimal points (e.g. 49.53, 49.5 or 50; no need to be too accurate with decimal points if distance is some hundreds of kilometers away, e.g. 349 not 349.1)
      • location-dist-mi – as above, but where metric measurements are not used; will return a conversion of miles into kilometers
    • location-dir – direction from capital city as a simple letter abbreviation (e.g. N, NW or NNW)
    • location-city – name of capital city of the state the incident occurred in, wiki-linked and piped if necessary for convenience (e.g. [[Brisbane]] or [[Perth, Western Australia|]]) – pipe the location if the link contains the country, and use country below
  • country – provide the country
  • line – railway line the incident occurred on, wiki-linked and piped for convenience if an article has been created for it (e.g. [[Metra Electric Line]])
  • operator – operator of the train in the incident
  • type – type of incident (e.g. Derailment)
  • cause – cause of the incident if officially found/released (e.g. Excessive speed)

Statistics section[തിരുത്തുക]

  • trains – number of trains involved in the incident
  • pax – number of passengers on-board
  • deaths – number of deaths due to the incident (usually passengers on the train and crew)
  • injuries – number of injured due to the incident (usually passengers on the train and crew)
  • damage – damage caused by the incident

Route map section[തിരുത്തുക]

  • map - bottom section for map image, no shorthanded codes provided like the image parameter, so you need to write the complete file embedding syntax to display the image or video. If you want to instead display the map created by Project:Route diagram templates, begin the map with {{BS-table3}} and end it with {{!}}}. For indicating the crash site, you can overlay the spot with Unknown BSicon "INCIDO" (INCIDO) icon.
  • map_name - map section title. "Route map" by default.
  • map_state - collapsing state of the map section. Shown by default, entry collapsed to default hidden map section when the page is loaded. This entry MUST come after map parameter to be functional.


Use, for example, {{coord|-27.3972|152.8956|display=title}} at the bottom of the page of the incident before categories (not in the Infobox) to provide the co-ordinates of where the incident occurred which, with display=title, will be displayed at the top of the article, above the Infobox.

Complete list[തിരുത്തുക]

{{Infobox rail accident
|title = 
|boxwidth = 
|image = 
|image_width = 
|caption = 
|date = 
|time = 
|location = 
|location-dist =
|location-dist-mi =
|location-dir =
|location-city =
|country = 
|line = 
|operator = 
|type = 
|cause = 
|trains = 
|pax = 
|deaths = 
|injuries = 
|damage = 
|map = 
|map_name = 
|map_state = 


Wenzhou high speed train collision
ദിവസം 23 July 2011
സമയം 20:34 (CST)
സ്ഥലം Wenzhou, Zhejiang
രാജ്യം China
റയിൽ പാത Ningbo–Taizhou–Wenzhou Railway
Part of Hangzhou–Fuzhou–Shenzhen PDL
അപകട രീതി Collision, derailment
കാരണം Power loss due to lightning strike (preliminary)
തീവണ്ടി(കൾ) 2
മരിച്ചവർ 39
പരിക്കേറ്റവർ More than 100 people
Yongtaiwen Railway route map (simplified)
Up arrow Hangyong Railway to Hangzhou East (u.c.)
Up arrow Xiaoyong Railway to Hangzhou South
Ningbo (refurbishing)
Ningbo East
↓Direction of D301 and D3115
Ou River
Jinwen Railway
Crash site
Wenzhou South
Down arrow Wenfu Railway to Wenzhou South
<pre.raw style="border:0px;overflow:auto;"> {{Infobox rail accident |title = Wenzhou high speed train collision |boxwidth = |image = China Zhejiang Wenzhou.svg |image_width = |caption = Location |date = 23 July 2011 |time = 20:34 (CST) |location = [[Wenzhou]], [[Zhejiang]] |location-dist = |location-dist-mi = |location-dir = |location-city = |country = China |line = [[Ningbo–Taizhou–Wenzhou Railway]]<br />Part of [[Hangzhou–Fuzhou–Shenzhen Passenger Dedicated Line|Hangzhou–Fuzhou–Shenzhen PDL]] |operator = |type = Collision, derailment |cause = Power loss due to [[lightning strike]] (preliminary) |trains = 2 |pax = |deaths = 39 |injuries = More than 100 people |damage = |map_name=[[Ningbo–Taizhou–Wenzhou Railway|Yongtaiwen Railway]] route map (simplified) |map={{BS-table3}} {{BS|||{{RoutemapRoute||Licon=u|[[Hangyong Passenger Railway|''Hangyong Railway'']] to [[Hangzhou East Railway Station|Hangzhou East]] (u.c.)|enclosed=no}}}} {{BS|CONTg||{{RoutemapRoute||Licon=u|[[Xiaoyong Railway]] to [[Hangzhou South Railway Station|Hangzhou South]]|enclosed=no}}}} {{BS|eBHF||[[Ningbo Railway Station|''Ningbo'']] (refurbishing)}} {{BS|BHF||[[Ningbo East Railway Station|Ningbo East]]}} {{BS|LSTR}} {{BS|HST||[[Yongjia Railway Station|Yongjia]]}} {{BS|STR||↓Direction of D301 and D3115}} {{BS3|WASSERq|hKRZWae|WASSERq||[[Ou River (Zhejiang)|Ou River]]}} {{BS3|ABZq+r|KRZo|ABZq+l||[[Jinwen Railway]]}} {{BS3|STR|STR|O2=INCIDO|STR||'''Crash site'''}} {{BS3|STRl|ABZg+r|STR|}} {{BS3||ABZg+l|STRr|}} {{BS|BHF||[[Wenzhou South Railway Station|Wenzhou South]]}} {{BS|CONTf||{{RoutemapRoute||Licon=d|[[Wenzhou–Fuzhou Railway|Wenfu Railway]] to [[Wenzhou South Railway Station|Wenzhou South]]|enclosed=no}}}} {{!}}} }}

See also[തിരുത്തുക]

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