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ഫലകം:Cite bcgnis

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This citation template can be used to cite references to the BC Geographical Names web service for British Columbia, Canada.


A search engine for BC Geographical Names is available here. The feature number can be found near the end of the URL.

For example, a search for Fairweather Mountain yields the URL: http://apps.gov.bc.ca/pub/bcgnws/names/38638.html. Use the highlighted number as the id for this template.

Parameter Notes
{{cite bcgnis
| id = 
| name =
| accessdate = 
Number form URL
Official name
Full date

If no name is specified, the article name is used. Specifying the name is recommended since the article name might be need to be disambiguated in the future. Unnamed parameters are allowed. The use of accessdate is optional.


Used with named parameters:

{{cite bcgnis |id=38638 |name=Fairweather Mountain}}"Fairweather Mountain". BC Geographical Names.

Used with unnamed parameters:

{{cite bcgnis |38638 |Fairweather Mountain |2017-06-25}}"Fairweather Mountain". BC Geographical Names. Retrieved 2017-06-25.

See also

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