നരേന്ദ്ര മോഡി നടത്തിയ പ്രധാനമന്ത്രി യാത്രകളുടെ പട്ടിക

വിക്കിപീഡിയ, ഒരു സ്വതന്ത്ര വിജ്ഞാനകോശം.
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15 ആമാതെയും ഇപ്പോഴത്തെയും ഇന്ത്യൻ പ്രധാനമന്ത്രിയാണ് നരേന്ദ്ര മോദി. 2014-ലെ ഇന്ത്യൻ പൊതു തിരഞ്ഞെടുപ്പിന്റെ ഫലമായി 26 മേയ് 2014 ൽ ഇന്ത്യൻ പ്രധാനമന്ത്രിയായി തെരഞ്ഞെടുക്കപ്പെട്ടു. അദ്ദേഹം അന്ന് മുതൽ നടത്തിയ പ്രധാനമന്ത്രി യാത്രകളാണ് ചുവടെ നല്കിയിരിക്കുന്നത്.

അന്താരാഷ്ട്ര യാത്രകളുടെ ചുരുക്കം[തിരുത്തുക]

05 2020 വരെ അദ്ദേഹം ഇരുപത്തൊന്ന് വിദേശയാത്രകൾ നടത്തി. അവരിൽ ഭൂരിഭാഗവും ഏഷ്യൻ രാജ്യങ്ങളിലും അയൽപ്പക്ക രാജ്യങ്ങളിലും ആയിരുന്നു.

പ്രധാനമന്ത്രി നരേന്ദ്ര മോഡി നടത്തിയ അന്താരാഷ്ട്ര യാത്രകളുടെ ഭൂപടം:
  ഒരു സന്ദർശനം
  രണ്ട്​ സന്ദർശനങ്ങൾ
യാത്രകളുടെ എണ്ണം രാജ്യം
​ഒരു സന്ദർശനം Australia, Bhutan, Brazil, Canada, France, Fiji, Germany, Japan, Mauritius, Mongolia, Myanmar, People's Republic of China, Seychelles, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Korea, United States ,Bangladesh
രണ്ട്​ സന്ദർശനങ്ങൾ Nepal


നരേന്ദ്ര മോഡിയുടെ 2014 ലെ അന്താരാഷ്ട്ര യാത്രകൾ താഴെ:

രാജ്യം സന്ദർശിച്ച സ്ഥലം(കൾ) ദിവസം(കൾ) ഉദ്ദേശ്യം(കൾ) കുറിപ്പുകൾ
 ഭൂട്ടാൻ Paro, Thimpu 16–17 June State visit
പ്രധാന ലേഖനം: Bhutan-India relations
 ബ്രസീൽ Fortaleza, Brasilia 13–16 July BRICS Summit & State visit
ഇതും കാണുക: 6th BRICS summit, India-Brazil relations
In July 2014, he visited Brazil for his first multilateral visit, the 6th BRICS summit was held at the north-eastern beach city of Fortaleza.[1] In the Fortaleza summit the group have agreed to establish a financial institution rivaling the western dominated World Bank and IMF, The bank would be named the New Development Bank as suggested by the Indian side but Modi govt. failed to bag the bank's headquarter for New Delhi, which would be located in Shanghai, China. Later the BRICS leader also attended an event in Brasilia where they met the UNASUR heads of government. At the same time, the Ministry of External Affairs added Spanish to its list of available languages, which the Hindustan Times read as "indicative of the government's intent to go beyond Europe, Asia and the US to forge diplomatic and trade ties with Latin American nations."[2] He travelled there via Germany.[3]
   Nepal Kathmandu 3–4 August State visit
ഇതും കാണുക: India-Nepal relations
Modi arrived for a two-day visit to Nepal on 3 August. The last visit of an Indian prime minister to Nepal was 17 years ago in 1997 by I. K. Gujral.[4][Note I] The talks with Nepal were focused on reviewing the 1950's Treaty of Peace and Friendship, India-funded hydroelectricity projects in Nepal and other infrastructure projects in Nepal.[5] Following Jana Andolan, that marked the beginning of constitutional democracy in 1990, Modi became the first foreign leader to address the Parliament of Nepal.[6][7] The Western media read it as a shift in foreign affairs for India,[8] as well as a Nepal policy shift.[9] He did puja at the fifth century Pashupatinath temple (where he donated Rs. 25 crores and the high priest, Ganesh Bhatta, said: "I told him that we see him as a mascot for Hinduism, and appreciate his efforts in saving Hindu culture").[10] Further he pledged not to interfere in Nepal's internal affairs (following controversy of appointment of Indian priests at a Nepali temple[11]), Modi announced a credit assistance programme of US$1 billion to Nepal and said "Nepal can free India of its darkness with its electricity. But [sic] we don't want free electricity, we want to buy it. Just by selling electricity to India, Nepal can find a place in the developed countries of the world." He also told Nepali MPs he wanted to turn India's "hostile borders benign and ultimately gateways for free trade and commerce...borders must be bridges not barriers." The Kathmandu Post reacted in writing: "Modi mantra warms Nepal's hearts."[8] The New York Times also suggested the lack of a meeting with former King Gyanendra signified that India would not support a return to monarchy[9] despite the lack of a new constitution of Nepal. The commonality of a majority Hindu heritage was also played up.[10]
 ജപ്പാൻ Kyoto, Tokyo 30 August – 3 September State visit
ഇതും കാണുക: India-Japan relations
He visited Japan on a five-day official trip from 30 August to 3 September which is labelled as his fist bilateral state visit outside the subcontinent. His 2014 visit further strengthened the ties between the two countries, and resulted in several key agreements, including the elevating the already established strategic partnership to the "Special Strategic Global Partnership". During his visit official negotiations have progressed on the sale of US 2 amphibious aircraft for Indian Navy and the long pending civil nuclear agreements.[12][13]


 അമേരിക്കൻ ഐക്യനാടുകൾ New York, Washington 26–30 September General debate of the United Nations General Assembly
& State Visit
Modi delivered his maiden speech in the sixty-ninth session of the United Nations General Assembly on 27 September 2014, where he called for reform and expansion of United Nations Security Council including India's long standing demand of a permanent membership. He expressed his concerns over the relevance of a 20th century setup in 21st century and the need to evaluate UN's performance in the past 70 years. He had also argued why UN should serve as G-All for global governance instead of several parallel sub-groupings like G7, G20 etc. In the wake of ISIS threat in West Asia and similar in other parts of the globe he urged for immediate implementation of 'Comprehensive on International Terrorism' by the UN and offered India's pro-active role in it citing India as a victim of terrorism for decades. Prior to his speech he along with External Affairs Minister Swaraj met UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and discussed UN governance relating issues.[18] Ridiculing the possibility of any multilateral intervention, a demand Sharif has made in his address at the UNGA on 26 September, on Kashmir related mater he stated that his govt is ready for 'bilateral talk' to Pakistan provided Pakistan should cultivate suitable environment for talks by giving up terrorism policy against India.[19] Modi commented briefly on climate change and use of clean energy, in this regards he also asked world leaders and UN officials for observing Yoga Day, emphasizing the importance of incorporating Yoga in modern day life style.[20] Modi fasted during a White House dinner in his honor.[21]
 Myanmar Naypyidaw 11–13 November East Asia Summit
ഇതും കാണുക: Ninth East Asia Summit, India-Burma relations
 ഓസ്ട്രേലിയ Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney 14–18 November G20 Summit
& State visit
 ഫിജി Suva 19 November State visit
ഇതും കാണുക: India-Fiji relations
In more than 33 years Modi became the first Indian head of government to visit Fiji after Indira Gandhi's visit in 1981.[24] There he also attended a 'Forum for India-Pacific Island cooperation' along with leaders from all 14 Pacific islands nations.[25]
   Nepal Kathmandu 25–27 November SAARC Summit
ഇതും കാണുക: 18th SAARC summit
His first ever SAARC summit.


നരേന്ദ്ര മോഡിയുടെ 2015 ആദ്യ പാദത്തിലെ അന്താരാഷ്ട്ര യാത്രകൾ താഴെ:

രാജ്യം സന്ദർശിച്ച സ്ഥലം(കൾ) ദിവസം(കൾ) ഉദ്ദേശ്യം(കൾ) കുറിപ്പുകൾ
 സെയ്ഷെൽസ് Victoria 10–11 March State visit
ഇതും കാണുക: India-Seychelles relations
As part of Modi's Indian Ocean outreach.[26][27] He hold talks with President James Alexis Michel to strengthen maritime ties and enhance bilateral development cooperation.[28]
 Mauritius Port Louis 11–13 March State visit
ഇതും കാണുക: India-Mauritius relations
Modi was the Chief guest at the Mauritian National Day on 12 March.[26][29]
 ശ്രീലങ്ക Colombo, Jaffna 13–14 March State visit
ഇതും കാണുക: India-Sri Lanka relations
Earlier Modi was scheduled to visit Sri Lanka in January 2015.[30] but following the inauguration of the new President Maithripala Sirisena, who will in turn pay a visit to New Delhi in February, Modi made his reciprocal visit to the island country from 13–15 March 2015. During this trip Modi also visited to Jafna in the Northern Province.[26][31]
 സിംഗപ്പൂർ Singapore 29 March State funeral of Lee Kuan Yew
ഇതും കാണുക: India–Singapore relations
Prime Minister Modi attended the state-funeral of Lee Kuan Yew, the first Prime Minister of Singapore. There, at the sidelines, he met several world leaders including Israeli President. It was his first visit to Singapore and he is expected to visit again during the later part of the year for golden jubilee celebration of India-Singapore diplomatic relation.[32]
 ഫ്രാൻസ് Paris, Toulouse 9–12 April State visit
ഇതും കാണുക: India-France relations
During Modi's visit he is expected to encourage French companies to participate in the Make In India programme in defense, civil nuclear power and food processing.[33][34][34]
 ജർമനി Berlin, Hannover 12–14 April State visit
ഇതും കാണുക: India-Germany relations
During Modi's first ever interaction with German chancellor Angela Merkel, a state visit to Berlin by Modi in April was worked out. Notably earlier in July 2014 Modi spent 2 nights in Germany on his onward and return journey to Brazil but a bilateral meeting could not taken place due to scheduling issues. Modi is also expected to visit Hannover where he will pitch for Make in India campaign in front of German industries.[33][34]
 കാനഡ Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver 14–16 April State visit
ഇതും കാണുക: India-Canada relations
Modi is schedule to address a huge gathering of overseas Indians in Toronto on the lines of his past Madison Square Garden event.[33]
 ചൈന Xi'an, Beijing, Shanghai 14–16 May State visit
ഇതും കാണുക: India-China relations
Modi made his maiden visit to Peoples Republic of China in May 2015. And President Xi will receive Modi in Xi'an, his home town on the line of Xi's Ahemadabad trip last September, before official talks in Beijing.[35]
 മംഗോളിയ Ulan Bator 16–17 May State visit
ഇതും കാണുക: India-Mongolia relations
Modi become the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Mongolia and during his visit talks on Uranium supply to India likely to get boost.[36]
 ദക്ഷിണ കൊറിയ Seoul 18–19 May State visit
ഇതും കാണുക: India-South Korea relations
Part of India's East Asia policy and going to promote Make in India concept for Korean investments.[36]
 ബംഗ്ലാദേശ് Dhaka 6-7 June State visit
ഇതും കാണുക: India-Bangladesh relations
Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid a State visit to Bangladesh from June 6 – 7, 2015 at the invitation of H.E. Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister of Bangladesh. This visit, the Prime Minister’s first to Bangladesh, reflects the importance of the bilateral relationship between India and Bangladesh. During this visit, the Prime Minister discussed the ratification of te India-Bangladesh Land Boundary Agreement - 1974 & Protocol- 2011. The visit is expected to further expand the cordial and cooperative relationship between the two countries and strengthen the ties of friendship and trust between India and Bangladesh.

During the visit, Prime Minister will hold discussions with Prime Minister H.E. Sheikh Hasina. The Prime Minister’s programme will also include a call on the President of Bangladesh H.E. Mr. Md. Abdul Hamid.[37]

 ഉസ്ബെക്കിസ്താൻ Tashkent 6 July State visit
ഇതും കാണുക: India-Uzbekistan relations
 കസാഖ്സ്ഥാൻ Astana 7 July State visit
ഇതും കാണുക: India-Kazakhstan relations
 റഷ്യ Ufa 8–10 July BRICS summit
ഇതും കാണുക: 7th BRICS summit, India-Russia relations
This visit will be the Prime Minister's second BRICS summit after he took office as Prime Minister of India in 2014. This includes his first state visit to Moscow.[40]
 തുർക്ക്മെനിസ്താൻ Ashgabat 10-11 July State visit
ഇതും കാണുക: India-Turkmenistan relations
PM Modi visited Turkmenistan and other central Asian countries following his visit to Ufa, Russia for the BRICS summit.[41][42]
 Kyrgyzstan Bishkek 12 July State visit
ഇതും കാണുക: India-Kyrgyzstan relations
 Tajikistan Dushanbe 12-13 July State visit
ഇതും കാണുക: India-Tajikistan relations
 യു.എ.ഇ Abu Dhabi, Dubai 16-17 August State visit
ഇതും കാണുക: India-United Arab Emirates relations
Prime ministerial visit to the gulf nation 34 years after Indira Gandhi.[45]
 അയർലൻഡ് Dublin 23 September Official visit
ഇതും കാണുക: India-Ireland relations
Modi's agenda is related to trade and commerce and aviation.[46]
 അമേരിക്കൻ ഐക്യനാടുകൾ New York, San Francisco 24-30 September United Nations General Assembly
Modi's Second US visit as prime minister and third bilateral summit with Obama.[47]

ഭാവി സന്ദർശനങ്ങൾ[തിരുത്തുക]

മോഡി 2015 ൽ സന്ദർശിക്കാനിരിക്കുന്ന രാജ്യങ്ങൾ:

രാജ്യം സന്ദർശിച്ച സ്ഥലം(കൾ) ദിവസം(കൾ) ഉദ്ദേശ്യം(കൾ) കുറിപ്പുകൾ

 ടർക്കി Antalya 15–16 November G-20
ഇതും കാണുക: 2015 G-20 Antalya summit, India-Turkey relations
 റഷ്യ Moscow TBA State visit
ഇതും കാണുക: India-Russia relations
 സിംഗപ്പൂർ Singapore TBA State visit
ഇതും കാണുക: India-Singapore relations
Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsein Loong has invited Modi to visit Singapore in 2015 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of India-Singapore bilateral ties[48]

മോഡി പങ്കെടുത്ത ബഹുകക്ഷി യോഗങ്ങൾ[തിരുത്തുക]

ഗ്രൂപ്പ് വർഷം
2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
BRICS July 14–16,
ബ്രസീൽ Fortaleza
8–9 July,
റഷ്യ Ufa
ഇന്ത്യ New Delhi
ചൈന China
ദക്ഷിണാഫ്രിക്ക South Africa
G-20 November 15–16,
ഓസ്ട്രേലിയ Brisbane
November 15–16,
ടർക്കി Antalya
ചൈന Hangzhou
November 11–14,
മ്യാന്മാർ Naypyidaw
November 21–22,
മലേഷ്യ Kuala Lumpur
SCO September 11–12,[a],[c]
Tajikistan Dushanbe
IBSA 2015,[b]
ഇന്ത്യ New Delhi
India-Africa October 29–30,[b]
ഇന്ത്യ New Delhi
SAARC November 26–27,
Nepal Kathmandu
പാകിസ്താൻ Islamabad
██ = Future event; ██ = No summit
^a Sushma Swaraj attended in the Prime Minister's place. •^b India will host these summits. •
^c India was not full member.

ഇതും കാണുക[തിരുത്തുക]


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